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Makayla Rogerson - Fitness Model

Fitness After Pregnancy and Being Mom

My experience on

How to Maintain Fitness After Pregnancy and Being a Mom:

During my pregnancy I was very active continuing my normal activities as any teenager would, you know; constant walking, biking, even longboarding and rollerblading up to 6 months along believe it or not. (No Recreational sports or personal training)

That being said, I wasn't very Physically Active before pregnancy or even really after; I didn't start working out and getting into shape until the covid pandemic hit. I started working out in my bedroom with my resistance bands and 10lb weights that I had but really what helped me "Maintain Fitness" after pregnancy really was staying active during pregnancy just by doing everyday activities not necessarily working out.

Obviously, we know working out (with modifications) during pregnancy is a big help if you are working out prior, definitely encouraged to continue training right through.

Staying Fit While Being a Mom

On the other hand, tends to be a bit of a challenge some days with scheduling and obviously keeping little man entertained either with a separate activity or even including him into my workouts.

The biggest piece of information I can give is to just stick to being active, doing one physical activity every day. Whether that be just as simple as going for a walk or even going on a bike ride just by doing something that involves physical activity every day while being pregnant (Especially postpartum; once you are cleared from the doctor ) will help out with delivery+recovery immensely!

I myself was actually walking within hours of giving birth, so take it from me! :) Photographer: Robert Dr=eak @robertjdeak

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