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Navigating Health and Wellness with a Chronic Illness and Disability

My Experience:Navigating Health and Wellness with a Chronic Illness and Disability

I've had Irritable Bowel Disease(IBD) for 10 years now, and also am a uterine cancer survivor. I have had many adversities presented in my life from endless hospital stays to many nights spent feeling unwell on the bathroom floor.

As my health declined, it wasn't until the last 2 years that I realized how important it is to not only incorporate eating well but how mental health, self care, and rest play a huge role for me in navigating my chronic illness.

Having a Chronic Illness is HARD.

Day to day my symptoms change and sometimes I wake up not knowing what my body will be feeling like or allow me to accomplish that day. With the unpredictable days ahead I had decided to take my health and wellness into my hands. I began trying various activities from yoga, running, biking, boxing, dance, zumba, weightlifting, meditation, journaling, audiobooks, podcasts, and so many more.

I ended up finding on days I journaled and physically moved my body (in any way possible) I had a lot less bad days, and when I had "bad days" they were nowhere close to what they used to be. And that was all I needed to begin my journey.

Since then my health continues to improve, physically and mentally. I have been able to achieve my dreams of working on the runway and print work but also advocating for so many out there who struggle to find their voices to be heard.

I am so thankful and grateful for the ability to be able to navigate my health in a way that has helped me be able to share and inspire so many others out there who are struggling in more ways than any of us could imagine.

Stay healthy, and be well!


Fashion Designer: Empowered.

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Photographer: Miguel Rivera

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Female Model: Keyla

IG: keyla_ire

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