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Interview with Ana Jelic- Inspired.

First thing when someone says fashion?

Oh everyone knows how I hate fashion, just a joke but every joke has a little bit true. I never see myself in the fashion world, just wear what makes me feel happy. Black is such my happy color!

Running or being a model?

Definitely running! This is my first love and forever will be.

Being a model makes a big difference. I start with this when people say to me how I am ugly and now everyone can see me.


Learn about new stuff, last thing was how to become a photographer. I think I am on a good way.


Can I just keep this secret to myself?

What is “Inspired.”?

Is something about what I think really long time. I think Inspired. show actually me and my passion but coming soon, and be patient. I will give a chance to young creators to make something big. Stay tuned.

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