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1950s Fashion : A Look Back

The 1950s were a time of great change and upheaval in the world, but fashion remained relatively conservative. The decade was characterized by full skirts, cinched waists, and high heels for women, and suits and ties for men.

1950s Women's Fashion

The most popular silhouette for women in the 1950s was the "New Look," which was created by French designer Christian Dior. The New Look featured a full skirt that was nipped in at the waist and a cinched-in bodice. The skirt was often made of a full-skirted fabric, such as taffeta or organdy. The bodice was often made of a more fitted fabric, such as silk or satin.

1950s Women's Fashion
1950s Women's Fashion

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Other popular women's fashions of the 1950s included:

  • A-line dresses

  • Cocktail dresses

  • Poodle skirts

  • Capri pants

  • Saddle shoes

  • Cardigan sweaters

  • Turtleneck sweaters

  • Plaid skirts

  • Pleated skirts

  • Pencil skirts

  • Culottes

  • Jumpsuits

1950s Men's Fashion

1950s Men's Fashion
1950s Men's Fashion

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The most popular men's fashions of the 1950s included:

  • Suits

  • Ties

  • Dress shirts

  • Slacks

  • Dress shoes

  • Loafers

  • Oxfords

  • Sneakers

  • Bomber jackets

  • Peacoats

  • Trench coats

  • Fedoras

  • Newsboy caps

  • Boater hats

1950s Accessories

Accessories were an important part of 1950s fashion for both men and women. Some popular accessories included:

  • Handbags

  • Purses

  • Clutches

  • Sunglasses

  • Watches

  • Jewelry

  • Hair accessories

  • Hats

1950s Hairstyles

Hairstyles in the 1950s were also very conservative. The most popular hairstyles for women included:

  • The ponytail

  • The bun

  • The pageboy

  • The flip

  • The bouffant

The most popular hairstyles for men included:

  • The crew cut

  • The flat top

  • The pompadour

  • The ducktail

  • The sideburns

1950s Makeup

Makeup in the 1950s was also very conservative. The most popular makeup looks for women included:

  • A natural look with a touch of lipstick and eyeliner

  • A smoky eye

  • A red lip

  • A cat eye

1950s Nails

Nails in the 1950s were typically kept short and neat. The most popular nail polish colors included:

  • Red

  • Pink

  • White

  • Clear

1950s Fashion

Today 1950s fashion is still popular today, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. You can find 1950s vintage fashion clothing at thrift stores and online retailers. You can also find modern interpretations of 1950s fashion at many high-street stores.

If you're looking for a way to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your wardrobe, 1950s fashion is a great option. With its full skirts, cinched waists, and high heels, 1950s fashion is sure to turn heads.

Here are some tips for incorporating 1950s fashion into your wardrobe:

  • Start with a classic piece, such as a black pencil skirt or a white button-down shirt.

  • Add a pop of color with a scarf, necklace, or earrings.

  • Finish the look with a pair of heels or a clutch.

With a little bit of effort, you can easily create a 1950s-inspired look that is both stylish and timeless.

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